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Alternative Heat in Northern New Jersey


Are you ready for another cold winter? If you don't have one of the systems from Alternative Heat in your living space, you may not be as ready as you think. Avoid a chilly heating bill this winter with gas fireplaces, wood stoves, and other alternative heat sources from our company in northern New Jersey.

Family-owned, our business specializes in budget-friendly, efficient sales, repairs, and services of energy-efficient heating systems and other products. Everything we sell adds more warmth and comfort to your home while keeping costs low for your wallet!
What Do We Have in Stock?
 • Chimneys
 • Wood, Gas, & Pellet Stoves
 • Wood, Gas, & Pellet Inserts
 • Wood & Gas Fireplaces
 • Electric Fireplaces & Stoves
 • Denatured Ethanol Fireplaces
 • Vented & Unvented Gas Logs
 • Attic Fans
 • Custom Mantels
 • Custom Glass Doors
 • Custom Screens 
 • Custom Chase Tops
 • Fireplace Tools & Grates
 • Marble, Granite,
   & Stone Fireplaces
 • Dampers
 • Chimney Caps 


Chimney, Wood Stoves in Paramus, NJ

Marble Chimney, Alternative Heat in  Paramus, NJ

Why Choose Us?
Alternative Heat is fully insured and bonded for repair, sales, and installation of a wide range of products from well-known manufacturers. Our experts always welcome the chance to design and install your new custom fireplace or bring your old, tired fireplace a fresh look!

Everything we do is backed by our adherence to proper and safe installation. Be sure to get the necessary information about your space before coming to see us so that we can make installation as safe and fast as possible.

Contact us today at (201) 262-1166 for more details about the alternative heat systems we have in stock.

NJ Contractor's License # 13VH01727100

National Fireplace Institute Certified
Specialist #102775